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Friday, September 30, 2011

Beautiful Gray Hair

Beautiful Gray Hair
By: Shinta Ferlina

Everyday our age increases with time elapsed. The signs of aging are generally visible from our skin, hair, teeth, and eyes. Most of people are feel inferior and fear when faced with aging. Anti-aging products are sold and many customers are buying those products, ranging from food supplements, anti–aging medicine, to topical creams and hair dyes. It proves that many people who feel less confident in the aging that happen to them. They do not realize that aging is indeed one form of one’s manhood. God gave the old form to remind people that human life is actually a moment not eternal.

More look older will be seen richer in life sciences and is considered to be wiser. Do not inhibit aging because it will hamper the wise behavior in us. Continuously improve the quality of ourselves will reform the old form into the beautiful old and peaceful. The eternal beauty is the beauty that comes from the heart instead of cosmetics polish. Further improving the quality of one’s own is the best solution instead of covering the aging. So, be beautiful with your grey hair, your personal beauty will lead to death, which is timeless.

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